Thursday, May 24, 2012

Matha poo thoran -Pumpkin flower stir fry

Mathapoo and thalir (tender leaves) thoran is an ethnic dish of Kerala.  This pumpkin flowers are from my yard itself.  For this we have to collect the flowers and tender leaves of pumpkin.  Wash well and cut to very small pieces. 
Add one teaspoonful of coconut oil to the kadai.  Add some mustard seeds.  After that we can add the chopped leaves and flowers to it.  Add turmeric powder,  chilli powder and salt according to your taste.  Stir well and allow it to cook in low flame.
Mix some Jeeraka and one or two pieces of garlic with scraped coconut.  Add it to the leafy mix.  Allow 10 more minutes in low flame.  Its a nutritious side dish with rice. 
This is a nadan curry with extra nutrients.  I was very curious to make it because its from my yard and its without any pesticides.  Its a great pleasure to pick something from the yard to cook.  Our ancestors have the chances to do that.  We have also options but we have to prepare our mind to spend sometime among the greens. 
Last day we had participated in a marriage at Thalayolaparambu.  The bride is my husband's cousin.  We had a great gathering with maternal family of my husband.  One of his cousin's husband is a herbal consultant and he has a great passion for nature.  I had seen her over loaded bag and asked about the reason.  She had told me that at the bride's home they had noticed a 'Marotti'  tree.  They had collected all the fruits fallen below the tree.  They had no marotti plant in their compound.  They need some because its a rare tree in these days.  I was really wondered to see this.  They have a great passion for the nature. 

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