Saturday, March 24, 2012


'Unniappam' is a sweet dish made of rice flour and jaggery. Its an all time favourite of our gods too. We can offer this sweet dish to our diety in most of the temples. I had eaten the unbeatable 'Kottarakkara Unniappam' its very famous like 'Ambalappuzha palpayasam '.
I had made this for our tea time. I have some guests also. That's the reason behind these pictures...
Usually unniappam is made up of rice flour. This time I had made this by grinding rice with jaggery and banana.
At first we have to soak the rice. We are using pachari for these snacks. It needs two hours of soaking. I had taken one cup of rice. For this I had used one ball of jaggery 'Unda sharkara'. Just break it and add some water. Put these in a vessel and allow to boil. Its to make 'Sharkara paani. When the jaggery reaches a clear liquid form switch off the stove and allow it to cool. After that we have to grind the rice. Instead of water we have to add the sharkara paani. For fermenting the mixture we have to add some fruits. In this I had used banana. Its also added in the grinding process. After thorough grinding of the mixture I had added a pinch of yeast for better fermentation. I had also added some small pieces of coconut fried in Ghee as a topper. Allow the mixture to ferment atleast for 2 hours.
The vessel to make unniappam is known as 'Appakkara'. I had one from my mother.
After 2 hours place the appakkara in the stove add sufficient amount of coconut oil. Pour the mixture to the holes in the appakkara. Allow some time to fry and turn it around. We can take them within minutes. Children will love it and its also an elegant snack for guest time.


  1. Aswathi, this is one traditional dish that never turns out correct for me! Yours look perfect! Reminds one of home.