Monday, June 13, 2016

Kannimanga achar

Finally I had made kannimanga  achar in its traditional way.  Used a bharany for storing this.
Kannimanga  itself evoke childish images.  It's a tasty pickle for our meals. Ammoomma always had a stock of Kannimangs pickles.  Sometime it's a salty one.  Salty,  spongy small mangoes goes well with kanji.  It's my favourite accompaniment too.  She had made it spicy with some crushed small onions and  green chillies.  She had made chammanthi with this pickle.  In an innovative effort she had made it as a pulinkary.  The salt and mango taste mixed well with buttermilk also.

I had got lot of kannimanga from my native place.  I had washed it thoroughly and then dried with a clean towel.  Cleaned the bharani and I had used crystal salt instead of powdered one.  After laying one layer of kannimanga sprinkled some salt.  After all I had sealed the vessel for 5 days.  After 5 days I had taken back the kannimanga rich with salt and mixed it with pickle powder and gingelly oil.  I had powdered some mustard seeds and mixed with it.  Filled bharani with this and to prevent fungus I had placed a cloth dipped in gingelly oil over it and sealed.  After 13 days I had opened it.  To my surprise it was super and resembled to my grand mothers pickle.  She is living in me in those moments to remake her taste smell and memories.