Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kappa and Mulaku

Kappa and mulaku is the food of a typical Keralite. Kappa is a delicious starch filled food. Its very nostagic to think about kappa and mulakau chammanthi. We are calling this type of Kappa preparation as 'chenda muriyan' Its also an easy spicy snack for elders.

Pazham pori / Ethakka appam

Pazham pori is ripe banana dipped in Maida(all purpose flour) and fried in oil. An easy to make nutritious snack. Its an all time favourite of children too.
I always make it as a tea time snack. It may be the favourite tea time snack of Kerala too.
Make a batter for the dip. It can be made with all purpose flour. I had made the batter using maida. If we add some rava it will be more crispy. In the matter we have to add a pinch of salt and quarter spoon of turmeric powder only for colour. If the banana is not sweet we can add some sugar too.
Peel the banana and cut according to your aesthetic sense. I had made four slices from a banana I don't like the more lengthy ones:) Dip these pieces in the batter and fry till it reahes the golden brown colour.