Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Vazha Pindi Thoran

Vazha Pindi is the stem of Plantain. It is cool and rich with fiber. Its very good for reducing Cholestrol.
Even if its a good food. It needs lot of physical strain to get this stem from plantain. My father will always do this with great patience. Last week he brought some stem from my home town. Because of its fibre natre we have to remove the fibres with our fingers. Lastly we will get a nice covering for our finger with these fibres.
Chop the stem as small as possible. Remove the fibres as far as you can. Pour some oil into the kadai and add some mustard seeds, some urad dal and some kariveppila. After spluttering add the copped stem with salt, chilly powder and turmeric powder. Cook these for 10 minutes in sim mode.
Grind coconut, jeeraka and garlic. Add this to the cooked stem. Allow some time to dry.
Its a great dish in summer times. Its a homely food. Here we get this in shops also.

We can make this recipe more healthy by using some green gram also. For that we have to add cooked green gram to this mixture. 'Vazha pindiyum cherupayarum' is a nice combination in Kerala.

In Kerala different varieties of plantains exists. We can not use all the stems. Some variety stems are not used in cooking. Anyway if you have any plantains try it out.

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  1. Ingane kothipikkaruthu :( :( by the way i was searching for chambakka in google and got your blog..do you know if its available in kerala market now a days. I reside in bangalore..wanting to have some