Friday, October 29, 2010

Ragi Puttu

Puttu is a main break fast dish of Kerala. It can be made with rice flour, rava , wheat and with raggi. It is healthy dish because it is coocked in steam. Steam coocked food has so many advantages than other methods. Loss of nutrients will be less and texture and colour of the food remain as such. For this dish I had used a Puttu maker we can use a chiratta puttu maker or puttu maker made with bamboo.
In this puttu I preferred to Ragi because of its nutrition. It can be eaten as such or with banana (Njalipoovan pazham).
Malayalam-Ragi/Panjappullu/Koovaraku /Muthari
English-Finger Millet
It contains high amount of Calcium. It is recommended for children, pregnant women and elder people who need more Calcium in their daily diet. It is suitable for diabetic patients also. Its fibres prevent constipation. In Kerala its a must food for small children as 'Kurukku' . Its a protein rich food.
Raggi puttu is a health concious version of our normal puttu
Recipe of Ragi puttu
Ragi flour:1 cup
Coconut grated: 1/2 cup
Salt :as per your taste
Mix the ragi flour with salt and water. Water must be sprinkled to the flour and make the mixture slowly. When we press the mixture inside our hand if the dough keep in shape, the amount of water is correct. After thorough mixing remove the lumps. Then fill the puttumaker with half amount of raggi flour and then grated coconut. Repeat the other half in the same method. Put it in the steam. It will be ready after 10 minutes. Its an easy nutritious breakfast item most suited for children.

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