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Guava is a common tree in Kerala. Mostly we use fruits in raw form. It is known as 'poor man's Apple' and 'Apple of the tropics'. Its a delicious tropical fruit. The flesh of the fruit is pink, yellow or white filled with hard seeds. It is used to make Jams and Jellies.
Botanical name: Psidium Guajava
In Malayalam:Perakka
In Hindi:Amrood
In Marathi:Peru
In Sanskrit:Swaduphala
Guava tree from my nature blog
Mainly two types of guava available. The pink type and the white variety. In Kerala we always eat it fresh. In Tamil nadu we can see street vendors with spicy half ripe guavas. I had seen it in Chennai and in Bangalore. Guava can be spicy...... We can make juice or milk shake with this fruit.
Yesterday I had made a juice of Guava. Guava is always the first in my fruits list. It has 10times more Vitamin C than citrus fruits.

Guava juice seasoned with Cherries
Guava, Pink variety
Guava juice is a thirst quencher and a multipurpose healer. Its laxative property prevents constipation. Its Vitamin C content make it a healer for cough and cold.

Guava Juice is a great refreshing drink and its good for your stomach too. Its a highly nutritious drink for our tiny tots , rich with vitamin C . Its always cheaper than other fruits. If it is available in your yard, always consider it as a precious fruit and consume it in raw form, juicy version or a milk shake. One of my friend who is a veteran cook treated me with a guava milk shake and I am also eager to make few glasses of guava milk shake and to see the thrilling faces of my children!!!
Recipe of Guava Juice
Ripe Guava: 2
Sugar: as per your taste
Water :One cup
After thorough washing peel off the guavas and cut it into small pieces. Using a mixer make a puree of the guava with small amount of water and sugar. Strain it. Serve it with ice cubes or as you like... I had seasoned this juice with one or two cherries because my children like it. Actually they are the inspiration behind these.

The beautiful flower of Guava from Idukki District
Leaves of Guava are used extensively in some areas of Kerala. Leaves are boiled in water. This boiled water is considered to be good for diabetic patients. Its a medicine to diarrhea also.
I am always interested to know more about the fruits around us
If you are interested to know more about the details of the vitamins in a Guava fruit and also its calorie this link may be helpful, Health Benefits of Guava
Guava tree has many medicinal qualities. Its leaves and bark are used in medicines. More therapeutic uses of Guava.

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