Thursday, March 10, 2011

Moru vellam

Its the traditional thirst quencher of Kerala. It can be prepared easily.
  • Blend the curd with some salt and equal amount of water
  • Add some curry leaves
  • Add some crushed ginger and green chillies
  • We can add the leaves of lemon tree(optional)
  • If you are too spicy we can add some chilly powder
  • If you are so thirsty we can add some pieces of lemon also
  • We can use our creativity to make this more appealing than any aerated drinks
  • Its the most nutritious and stomach friendly drink in this summer season
  • Go and have it and please leave a note to let me know how it tastes....


  1. Thanks thulasi, for joining my effort to popularise our native drinks

  2. This is a must have during summer......

  3. That is a refreshing drink.. Very traditional. Actually moru is more effective in keeping us hydrated in summers than artificial ones:) Lovely post dear.. First time here and glad to you..:) Happy blogging..