Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kappalandi Mittayi

Sorry for the low quality image , my camera has some complaints and hoping to buy a new one....
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Kappalandi/ Kadala is the most common nut in Kerala. Eventhough its the place of Kashuvandi(cashew nut) Kappalandi is the common man's snack. Cashew nut is costlier than this one.
The crispiness and the sweetness of Kappalandi mittayi will never fade from the mind. Everyone has some sweet memories associated with these candies. 'Mittayi' may be the first sweet name taught by the children in Kerala. Its the malayalam of 'toffee' or 'Candy'. Every child needs 'Mittayi' . My children also wants 'Mittayi' and I found the 'Kadala mittayi' as a safe replacement. Its made of Jaggery and the nutritious Kappalandi. Its an all time favourite in my home. I had not prepared this at my home but its also a regular visitor of our snack box.

Chidren always need sweets and even adults need them. A sweet candy means more to a child. Whenever I think of these common snacks the small story of Kabuliwallah will came into my mind. Its a haunting story of the great Rabindranatha Tagore, opening up a vast world in front of us. Its also a story of 5 year old with lot of questions and querries.

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When we travel through Kerala we can see Inji mittayi(ginger toffee), bombay mittayi and Jeeraka mittayi. Its very nice to think about it bombay mittayi will melt into your mouth and its like 'Appooppan thadi'. We can see mobile vendors with heavy jar of Bombay muttayi. Jeeraka mittayi is a nice option other than chocolate toffees. Another one is 'Naranga Mittayi'. My ammoomma still loves it and we always buy it for her.

Some tastes take us to our past, if it is a sweet taste the memories will be sweet. Please share your nice memories about sweets.


  1. Good post Aswathi. I suggest to shoot without flash. You will get more clarity picture.

  2. susan
    thank you..I will try as you said